Unleash the power of Open Innovation

Discover ideas and solutions quickly. Experiment with less risk. Access the best talent.

All in Happence.

Unleash the power of Open Innovation

Discover ideas and solutions quickly. Experiment with less risk. Access the best talent.

All in Happence

Every challenge is an opportunity

Our Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing platform enable enterprises to growth with far less infrastructure than was previously needed, allowing them to be more agile, efficient and responsive to an on-demand market.

Rapid access of ideas and solutions

You will receive the solutions in 1 or 2 months after posting the challenge on the platform. Our crowd is agile and self-managed.

Multi-school challenge posting

1 account, numerous schools. Ditch the dozens logins and passwords. With Happence you get a single integrated network.

Dedicated support team

Our support team helps you the whole process, making sure that you'll find the right ideas and solutions for your challenges.

Expert Evaluation

Our pool of experts in different fields will evaluate the challenges solutions before you and point to the best ones so you can take the best decisions.

Unlimited Solutions

Companies receive all the solutions that our students have develop for their challenges. Our experts select the best ones, but you can see all of them.

Clear IP Transfer

IP treatments and award amounts are agreed to by all parties up front –no subsequent contract negotiations lasting months and stopping the innovation.

Post your challenge, our crowd is hungry!

Our students

Students not only have good ideas but that they just have new, unique or even better ones thanks to their constant contact with the digital world and the technology. Our students are ready to tackle your challenges. They have a voice. They have the tools and resources. And they are not afraid to experiment and use their creativity to contribute your innovation.

Our crowd is made of talented scientists, mathematicians, engineers, physicists and statistics.

How to start with Happence

Types of challenges

A brainstorming to produce innovative ideas: a new line of products, creative solutions to technical problems, a new application for a current product, etc.

To look for a feasible design or concept that the company does not want to put into practice. The student will present detailed descriptions, specifications and support material that will support their solution to become a real product, a technical solution or a service.

To search for a prototype that represents a real product or service (on a non-commercial scale). In addition to a detailed description, physical evidence is presented showing that the solution will work within the company's specific needs, decision criteria or manufacturing parameters, or the information necessary for the company to test its solution.